At Adams Garden Machinery in Haywards Heath, West Sussex, we are happy to solve issues for those gardeners in need. We deal with the simplist machine to the largest and most complex, we also have a pickup and delivery service.




When you choose us for a garden machinery repair service, we are confident that once we complete our repair service it will not suffer the same issue for a very long time. We are also happy to highlight any issues that have arisen and we will be completely honest with you during the analysis of work needed.

We are more than happy to see our customers more than once as we are confident that on each occassion it will be for a new problem or a different machine.

If we see our customers more than once for the same issue then we are not happy as this means we have not completed our job correctly. Thankfully, this is generally not the case as our previous customers have mentioned in the nicest possible way that we never see them again!

we have many satisfied customers and are happy to provide testimonials from our extensive client list.

Contact us in Haywards Heath, West Sussex, to learn more about our garden machinery repairs.