Reliable Machinery and Lawnmower Repairs

There is no need to panic when your lawnmower or garden machinery has stopped working; simply head to Adams Garden Machinery in Haywards Heath, West Sussex. All year round we provide support for your  lawnmower repairs; however during the winter months if you wish to pre-book and pay we can offer a discount service please use voucher provided.


You are in capable hands when you come to us as there are not a lot of mowers and garden machines we can’t repair. When your machinery requires a full service, we start by washing it down  as we believe if you cant see the problem then you can't fix it! Then we start our routine inspection looking for faults and finally stripping it down from the handles to the chassis removing all the essential items to inspect further before repairing or replacing faulty parts. We include in our standard service for smaller pedestrian units such parts as air filters,oil, blade sharpening and spark plugs this of course will change as the units get larger but we will always let you know when booking you machine in.

We have a range of standard service cost from £29.99 for electrical units to £69.99 for the larger petrol pedestrian mowers.

Ride on Mowers start at £150 and will be quoted on an individual basis.

(All prices quoted will attrct VAT ant the standard rate)

Mower - Lawnmower Repairs


Your garden machinery is certain to look as good as possible when returned to you. After any full service we will do a final inspection and test before cleaning the machine  one last time. 


Further Faults

If your garden machinery becomes faulty within a few weeks of our service, simply bring it back to us. We will ensure the machine's issues are amended once and for all.


Contact us to hear more about how our garden machinery and lawnmower repairs will help your machinery get up and running again.