Dependable Lawnmower Testing for ardingly Gardeners

When you choose Adams Garden Machinery, we’ll find the issues that have been slowing down your gardening progress. The lawnmower and garden equipment testing services that we offer are thorough and reliable, covering a range of areas to guarantee excellence. Our specialist equipment is used by experienced hands and we’ve even purpose built certain pieces for better insight. Call us, in Ardingly, to find out more!

Excellent Equipment

The equipment we use is purpose-built to solve your machine's issues. We have everything from digital meters to compression testers, as well as specific equipment from the manufacturers of your machines. This makes our task much more efficient and gives results you can be sure of.


Why Choose Us?

When you come to us, you’ll discover lots of benefits. Big stores don't provide you service backup when you have issues, they don't have the experience we have, and they have no diagnostic systems. This means that they’d simply replace and exchange your product.

Instead, we diagnose and fix your machine's fault and give you advice on maintaining your machine before returning it to you. This saves you a lot of time and frustration.


Looking for Professional Mower Testing?

For information on our lawnmower and garden equipment testing services, call our team!

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